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Property Valuers : How to evaluate an apartment online?

How is the assessment done?

To evaluate an apartment online, our staff:

  • analyze the state of the object based on the documents sent by the client;
  • we study the regional real estate market to find out the average cost of apartments in your city;
  • determine the value of the object;
  • draw up the documentation necessary for the transaction;
  • we send the client documents in paper format, certified by the appraiser and the management of the company.

Before proceeding with the procedure, the Property Valuers will require the client to provide documents for the property, as well as confirming his identity. Usually it is enough to provide a personal passport, documents confirming the ownership of the applicant for the object, as well as the registration certificate of the apartment. If this package is not enough for a specialist, he may require additional technical, title documents.

Property Valuers

Factors that determine the value of real estate

When evaluating an apartment, the specialist focuses on such aspects as:

  • object area;
  • the floor on which the apartment is located;
  • visual state of the object;
  • convenience of planning;
  • the year of construction and the condition of the apartment building, the presence of a concierge, a fence around the perimeter of the local area;
  • the presence of infrastructure facilities within walking distance (shops, preschool and school institutions, a pharmacy, a clinic, transport interchange, etc.).

We provide services on contractual terms – we conclude an agreement with each client, which acts as a legal guarantee. The document specifies the main terms of cooperation, as well as the cost of appraising an apartment – it is determined individually for each property owner. Our clients receive a professionally prepared report that confirms the market value of the apartment.

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